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You need to register your callsign in order to use D-PLUS gateways. You only need to register once. To check if you are already registered goto; http://query.ki4swy.org/index.php

Now go to http://k7lwh.dstargateway.org/Dstar.do and register. Then wait for your approval email from me.

You are now licensed on the D-STAR gateway system. You need to return to http://k7lwh.dstargateway.org/Dstar.do and create at least one “Terminal” entry for yourself to be completely setup.  Start at step 7, here: http://www.dstargateway.org/D-Star_Registration.html  This is necessary to perform linking functions or to use callsign routing. We recommend starting with a terminal with a space in the “Initial” field (put the cursor in the box and hit the space bar) and then set any additional terminals with initial fields valued A-Z if needed. Normally, you only need one terminal (the one with a space) unless you will have two radios transmitting at the same time on different repeaters/frequencies. (Having more than one makes it harder for people to find you, using callsign routing.)

If this step is not taken in a reasonable time, your registration may be deleted.

Once you have completed this process you are registered on all D-STAR gateways on the USROOT Trust (K5TIT) system (> 500 gateways worldwide), so you can use the D-STAR system as you travel, as well as the N7JN system. You should not register on any other gateways connected to the US Trust.

It may take some time for your registration to propagate through the database, so allow a couple of hours for callsign routing.  (You can check at http://query.ki4swy.org/index.php )

Remember when you link to a reflector or remote repeater to change the UR callsign back to CQCQCQ.  See: http://www.dstarinfo.com/dstar-web-calculator.aspx

For STARnet Digital connections, you leave the group callsign in the UR field.  Try UR:STN002 to try this out.  See:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/STARnetDigital for more information.  An overview video is available (in 4 parts) at http://youtube.com/user/StarNetVids

You see worldwide activity at http://dstarusers.org as well as http://www.dstardb.com or http://ircddb.net – In order to show up on the live page at http://ircddb.net/live.htm you must transmit once with “VIS   ON” in the UR of your radio, as explained here:  http://ircddb.net/live-vis.html

We encourage GPS usage, and when activated on your radio, you will show up on the APRS websites such as http://aprs.fi .  If using GPS (vs GPS-A) mode use the calculator at http://www.aprs-is.net/DPRSCalc.aspx  — an explanation can be found at http://www.aprs-is.net/DPRS.aspx — Please do not use automatic beacon mode on the repeaters. When GPS is enabled your position will be automatically sent every time you key your microphone and the beacon causes an acknowledgment ‘beep’ on everyone’s receiver.

If your interest includes data communications, we suggest starting with the D-RATS program (http://d-rats.com/). Please join their mailing list to get updates on the most current versions.

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