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The Lopez SJCARS hams will be holding another class for the Technician License for new hams. The class is a “test prep” class over two sessions, followed by the exam.

Technician Test Prep Class:

Lopez Library
2225 Fisherman Bay Road
Lopez Island, WA 98261
Session 1: Tuesday, April 2, 6-9PM
Session 2: Thursday, April 4, 6-9PM
Exam: Saturday, April 6 at 8-10AM
The exam is open to all, if you have studied independently or wish to upgrade your existing license. Please register for just the exam and bring a copy of your license. Photo ID is required, but there is no fee for the class or exam.

First Laurel VEC Exam

Just a quick update about our first Laurel VE testing session that took place on Friday Harbor last Saturday.

Bryan, Basil and I were the official VEs while Mike Sear, Dave Vandaveer, Ed Kelm and Paul Barger were observers.

We had six people test, five for their Tech and one upgrading to General. All passed, and as of about an hour ago their results are available in the FCC database.  This was a ‘beta test’ for the Laurel system and the first time I was the lead at a session. There were a few small issues, but nothing that we couldn’t handle onsite and can be take care of in the future. The feedback from the VE team and the observers was all positive. 
I have started pushing through additional applications for our VE team. I believe all of the initial Lopez team has been submitted and I’m working through the San Juan group now. The next scheduled test will be on Lopez and Basil will assume the team lead role. (Both Bryan and I plan on being there to help)  
Kenny K7UM

We will be holding a class for the Technician License for new Hams. The class is a “test prep” class over 2 sessions followed by the exam.

Technician Test Prep Class:

Friday Harbor Labs
620 University Rd
Friday Harbor WA 98250

Session 1: Tuesday February 19th at 1:30-3:30pm

Session 2: Thursday February 21st at 1:30-3:30pm

Exam: Saturday February 23rd at 11:00am

The exam is open to all. If you have studied independently, or wish to upgrade your license register as test only.

Please bring photo ID to the exam. There is no fee for the class or exam. The precise location will be provided when you register.


Highlights include discussions on club meeting days and locations, VE sessions, and the membership roster.

Minutes 2019-02

Highlights include:

• Discussion of where and when to hold meetings when Mullis is not available

• What is a VEC and how many of  them are there?

• What is a KiwiSDR receiver and where are they located?


To receive or upgrade your Ham License requires you to pass a test administered by 3 Volunteer Examiners or VEs. The VEs report to an FCC recognized Volunteer Exam Coordinator or VEC.

At the last Club Meeting I presented an alternative to using the ARRL as our Volunteer Exam Coordinator. Laurel VEC, from Laurel Maryland, is the third largest of the 14 FCC approved VECs, and has two main advantages over the larger ARRL and W5YI:

  • Tests are FREE, the others charge $15
  • Test packages are submitted electronically, so the testee receives their callsign within 24 Hours instead of 5-7 days.

Because of these advantages, Dayton Hamvention switched from ARRL to Laurel as their VEC in 2007.

Today San Juan County WA received accreditation to become a Laurel VE Team by Diane Zimmerman, AA3OF, the Chairman and Region 7 Coordinator. We’ve been placed under the management of Corey Johnson, NQ1E, the Seattle VE Team leader and manager.

Kenny Richards, NU7M, is our team leader and he is working with Corey to get us set up. Kenny is a ARRL, W5YI and Laurel VE already.

I will report to Kenny as San Juan Deputy and Basil will be the Lopez Deputy. We are looking to add a deputy for Orcas.

If you are interested in participating; join the sjcve google group.



This was our Christmas Potluck and annual officer elections meeting.


Highlights include:

• An overview of San Juan County ACS and a vsit with SJC DEM director

• Revisiting WSPR

• Dan’s trip to Pacificon 2018

• SJC has a connection to HamWAN


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