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Please see the links below for the presentations and club calendar shared at the April 2018 SJCARS meeting.

LoTW Presentation, by Hoop K9QJS

PocketVNA Presentation, by Larry AG7KD

SJCARS Calendar for 2018

Scott W7SLM

Posted by Peter Dahl on behalf of Dave Vandaveer

We had a test and no one came but the VEs and and one observer.  The five VEs who showed up were  Ed Kelm, KD7TUN, Mike Sear, N7TLL, Scott Miller, W7SLM,  Hoop Hooper, K9QLS and Dave Vandaveer, K9MRQ. Paul Barger, N7TZW, showed up to kibbitz and pass out some brochures.  We were getting desperate and even offered to pay Paul’s test fee if he would just fill in a form so we could have an official session.  Paul declined.

Oh well.








Please see the attached Agenda and associated files for the April meeting.

Agenda for April 2018

new HAM callguide KI7XXX

SJI Marathon event flyer

Highlights include a preview of a developing antenna project.


(Posted on behalf of Scott Miller by Peter Dahl)
At the beginning of March, SJCARS members Hoop K9QJS and Bob AD6K spoke to a dozen middle school students (ages 9-12) at Spring Street International School, in Friday Harbor, about Ham radio and Morse code. The class was very interested and engaged. Bob brought a homemade wooden key with a battery and buzzer and the kids had a great time sending Morse code words back and forth to each other. As a next step: Hoop and Bob are making up key kits for the kids, and will give them to the class so each student can make their own key.

Click the link below to see some of the thank you notes they received.

Highlights include:

• A visit from Michael Sterba, KG7HQ, ARRL NW Division Assistant Director and Technology Specialist

• An introduction to FT8 presented by Hoop, K9QJS


We are holding another Test Prep Class for the Technician License

The class consists of 2 – 2 Hour Sessions followed by the test. We study and explain the actual questions from the FCC pool to prepare you for the test. You are expected to home study an additional hour or so.

The test is 35 questions and most students pass in around 20 minutes. The class is free but there is a $15 fee that the ARRL charges to administer the paperwork.


  • Tuesday February 20th 1:30 – 3:30
  • Thursday February 22nd 1:30 – 3:30


  • Saturday February 24th 9:30 – 10:30


  • The Commons at Friday Harbor Labs


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