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Thinking about getting into Amateur Radio?

I’ll be hosting a Test Prep class for the Amateur Technician license in August. The class is free but there is a $15 fee to the ARRL for taking the test.

Tech License Prep Class:
Friday Harbor Labs
Tuesday August 1st 1-3PM
Thursday August 3rd 1-3PM
Test Saturday August 5th 10-Noon

If you’re interested send email to bhhoyer at gmail.com

This was our first meeting in several months at the Mullis Fire Station. An hour and a half was filled with discussions ranging from Field Day to Dan’s trip to Germany to the activities of members of SJCARS.


Our May meeting was our annual Orcas Island picnic at Cascade Lake in Moran State Park.




Brendon Cowan, San Juan County DEM Director shared this link and Bryan asked me share it with all.

It’s an interesting podcast about the huge 1964 Alaska earthquake.

Please check this out: http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/chance-anchorwoman-great-alaska-earthquake/transcript/

Peter, WA7FUS

Posted by Peter Dahl on behalf of Hoop, K9QJS

This weekend, beginning at 5:00 pm on Friday or 00:00 May 6 UTC, is a fun contest weekend.   If you have never done a contest before, you might try one or two QSOs or even more on any of these HF bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10.    The contest runs until 24:59 May 7 UTC or 5 pm Sunday local time.   This is an all mode contest: CW, digital, and SSB.

This weekend is the Region 7 QSO Party, which includes hams from region 7 exchanging state and county abbreviations with other hams.   The goal for hams in region 7 is to work as many states as possible.   The goal for hams outside of region 7 is to work as many region 7 counties as possible.
The exchange that those of us in San Juan County would send would be signal report and state/county abbreviation, or 59 WASAN .
Also this weekend are state QSO parties from Indiana and New England.   The same exchange that we would send, 59 WASAN, we give to Indiana or New England stations.    We would record their state/county.
For just casual participation, try a few QSOs.   If you want to submit a score, you’ll want to use a computerized logging program.   There are lots available – free and otherwise.    Let me know if you want recommendations.
Complete rules for the Region 7 QSO Party, 7QP, are here: http://www.7qp.org/new/Page.asp?content=rules
Catch you down the log!

Meeting held at San Juan Brewing Company

Topics  included ARISS, and Field Day

Presentations on Echolink and Winlink with Raspberry Pi



At Friday’s meeting Basil and Corky demonstrated the Echolink system which allows club members (and only club members) to connect to the 2m repeater on Cady using a computer or mobile device. This was originally envisioned as a way for members to join the Wednesday night net, but the question now is, how do we want to deploy this.

We’ll be testing it this coming Wednesday, but in the mean time please express your opinion by answering the poll. We should be able to determine a usage policy at the next club meeting.

New Members List Posted

Thank you to everyone that has paid their membership for 2017.  SJCARS is a record breaking 64 members strong!

I posted a new list under the page of ‘Join/Members’.  I also added the city to the list of names and calls for reference of your fellow islanders.


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