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The results are in. With 24 votes cast; 16 prefer Friday Harbor Brewery with 8 voting for Mullis Fire.

We don’t have to have all of the meetings at the same place, so we will use this information at the April club meeting to decide how to proceed.


A new listing of all HAMS that have updated their 2017 membership dues
to support the San Juan County Amateur Radio Society,
has been posted on the Join & Members page on this website.

If your name and call are not listed on this 2017 listing, you may join or renew by filling out the
membership application.

  • This will allow you to pay through PayPal.  
  • You may submit your dues to KE7TLE, Dani Hoyer, Treasurer, at the meeting
  • or you may mail a check to the club PO mail box.  

All information is listed on the page.

—–Original Message—–

From: ARRL Members Only Web site
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2017 06:42
To: Marina Zuetell
Subject: Congratulations You Did It!

Yesterday Section Government Liaison Lee Chambers, KI7SS, and I appeared before the House Transportation Committee in Olympia. This was a great experience for me. The committee heard comments on two distracted driving bills. HB 1371 and 1631. HB 1631 had no impact on the Amateur Radio Service.

In the hallway before the hearing Shelly Baldwin from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission contacted me to say that Senator Ann Rivers had contacted her about correcting SB 5289 to provide an exception to the Amateur Radio Service.

After I gave my testimony the committee, the chair, Representative Judy Clibborn told me that Representative Jessyn Farrell was acting to see that amateur radio was excluded from enforcement action in the bill.

After the hearing, Representative Farrell made it a point to come out to the hallway to let us know that she appreciated the feedback from the hams and that she is working on an exemption in the bill for them.

If Senator Rivers or Representative Farrell is from your legislative district, please take a few minutes to thank them for helping the amateur radio operators in the state to retain their exemption from the distracted driving law. Their gracious cooperation and assistance will allow us to continue our support of charitable and non-governmental organizations as well as government agencies. 

I would like to offer caution as it relates to the distracted driving bill and eventually law. This exemption means that an officer cannot cite the ham for just having a microphone or handheld radio in their hand. If the ham is driving erratically, like lane travel, or following too closely while using their radios they will be subjected to the law just like the cell phone user. 

I am very pleased with the reception amateur radio received in the senate and the house. I believe members of the Amateur Radio Service are well respected by our lawmakers for our contributions to the people of the State of Washington. Thank you to each of you for your deportment that reflects so highly on our hobby.

Hearty thanks goes to each ham who took their time to communicate with members of the Washington State legislature. You made a big difference in the success of getting us the exemption we need to be good citizens with our FCC licenses.

To those hams who went above and beyond in helping me to reach out to all amateurs, regardless of whether they are ARRL members or not, thank you!

If you know hams who are not members of the ARRL please invite them to join. By being a member we can easily reach out to them with important issues like the distracted driving bill. 

Way to go hams in the Western Washington Section! I value each of you and the contributions you make to our hobby.


ARRL Western Washington Section
Section Manager: Monte L Simpson, AF7PQ


Dan, N6AU, has provided programming files for the Alinco DR135, DR235 and DR435 mono-band radios.

You can find them under Files/Frequencies/Alinco

The meeting was held at Friday Harbor Brewing Company. Budd, WB7FHC showed us the Arduino CW keyer that he is designing and building.


SJCARS began 2017 with election of officers and two interesting presentations.


December 2016

Highlights include Hoop’s announcement that the school district has approved a collaboration between the district and SJCARS to perhaps get local students to talk to the International Space Station through Ham radio.  Also included in the minutes is a slate of club officers to be voted upon at the January club meeting.

Minutes 2016-12

Highlights include discussion of possible project with ARISS (kids talking to the International Space Station through Ham radio), date and time of the Christmas party in December and other details you won’t want to miss.


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