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The latest Roll Call and Net Control Rotation:


NCS Rotation

Wednesday Night Nets, Local Time

7:00PM   SSB        3900 LSB +- QRM
7:45PM   D-STAR     N7JN-C
7:30PM   SSB        3900 LSB District 1 ARES Net
8:00PM   VHF        146.700 PL 131.8

Monday Night Local Time

8:00 PM   CW         3543 +- QRM

White Box Drill  the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month
9:30AM   146.700 PL 131.8 Frequency Agile

Below is some information on nets outside of San Juan County and the Preamble.

Net Control Preamble


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  1. Scott Miller says:

    Note: the 7:00pm SSB net has moved (for now) down to 3900 Hz

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