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NCS Rotation

SJCARS Net Control Stations NCS
Add a comment if you’d like to join.

Wayne Rankin WA6MPG
Bryan Hoyer K7UDR
Ed Kelm KD7TUN
Peg Gerlock KI7PJS
Craig Melvin AE7NA
Jim Hooper K9QJS
Clare Kelm KE7WQY
Scott Miller W7SLM
Bob Brunkow K7NHE
Greg Hancock AE7EL
Elizabeth Menozzi KE7KDR
Howie Rosenfeld N7FBC
Robin Atkins KJ7BFD

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  1. I’d be happy to be in the NCS rotation, especially now that I’m on a mobile base station rather than the HT. If you prefer you could list me as a willing substitute, even at short notice. Let me know, please. Robin

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