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Hello all Club Members,
At our October club meeting, Bob K7NHE made an offer to match any dontation the club made for spectrum defense. At our November meeting, we voted for the club to donate $200 to the ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund. Thank you,  club! Thank you, Bob! 
But that’s not all!
We also have -two- anonymous club members who have offered to match individual donations (up to $200) that any members make to the ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund.   
It’s a good cause, and one that ARRL takes seriously. Following our conversation with Jim Pace N7CEX at the November meeting, correspondence with ARRL, and personal history following this issue by various club members, I believe funds contributed toward this are well managed and spent by ARRL on and for the purpose.  
If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation toward Spectrum Defense this year, take this opportunity to double or even triple your impact toward helping protect our spectrum. Make a donation to ARRL Spectrum Defense per the directions at the below link. After making a donation, let me know (at scottmi @ gmail.com) before our next club meeting on Friday, December 11th. I will provide an anonymous tally to the matching sponsors.   
Again, it’s a good cause in support of the Amateur Radio Service, and the ARRL’s Spectrum Defense effort is Amateur’s strongest (and, essentially only) ‘voice’ before the FCC, Congress, and the International Telecommunication Union. 
Here is the link for donation instructions:      
Thx and 73,
Scott W7SLM 

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