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We had a very successful Ham Exam on November 9th.

New Technicians:

Chris Combs  KJ7KIZ
George Hohnsbeen  KJ7KJB
David Robison  KJ7KJC
Nick Teague  KJ7KJD
Susie Teague  KJ7KJE
John Wickahm  KJ7KJA

Upgrade to General:

Chayanne Escalante  KJ7BUZ
Renee Koplan  WA7GRL
Joel Ray KJ7BVE
Michael Sendrowicz  KG7UVP
David Saylor KC6UVZ
John Waugh  W3LPZ
Patty Wickham. KJ7PRW

This is the first time we held a class on Lopez for both Technician (2 sessions) and General (3 sessions). Many thanks to Corky AF4PM for the syllabus and teaching the classes with help from Clark K7LRK and Brian K7BLS.

Volunteer Examiners and helpers were Kenny KU7M, Basil N7NIX, Monte N7TAU, Clark K7LRK, Corky AF4PM, Jim KJ7BJT, Paul N7TZW and Brian K7BLS.  

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  1. Molly says:

    Congratulations to all the new Technicians and Generals!

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