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Three new hams and an upgrade from SJCARS’ June 8th Laurel VE Session in Friday Harbor:

  • KJ7HBI – Karen Palmer
  • KJ7HBJ – Mary-Brooke Barger
  • KJ7HBK – Patti Wickham
  • Tom Pemberton, KJ7HAF, upgraded to General.

Tested on Saturday, Call Signs Monday Morning!

Thanks to our attending Laurel VEs:

  • Kenny, KU7M, San Juan County VE Team Leader
  • Basil, N7NIX, Session Leader
  • Bryan, K7UDR
  • Ed, KD7TUN
  • Corky, AF4PM
  • Hoop, K9QJS
  • Paul, N7TZW
  • Mike, N7TLL
  • Dave, K9MRQ

Greg from Orcas, AE7EL, has joined the team as a VE

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