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Dear SCJARS Members and Friends, 

Our next scheduled club meeting will be the Orcas Club Picnic, which will be on Saturday, May 11th. Mark your calendars!  The weather forecast is “Glorious.” 

The Picnic will be at Cascade Lake at Moran State Park, Orcas Island. Click here for a map from the ferry.  
We have the Shelter reserved, and is nice rain or shine. Moran State Park is about 30 minutes from the ferry, so plan accordingly. Rides can be coordinated for walk-ons.

Check the ferry schedules. If you are coming from:
>> Lopez, catch the 9:55 am interisland, arrives Orcas at 10:35 am
>> Shaw, catch the 10:15 interisland, arrives Orcas at 10:35 am
>> San Juan Island, catch the 8:30 am interisland, arrives Orcas at 9:15 am
>> Anacortes, take either the 7:30 am, arrives 8:20 am, or the 10:35 am, arrives 11:45 am.
>> Orcas has an uncontrolled airport, open all the time. Rides available from airport.

If you are bringing a vehicle from the mainland, be sure make a reservation for the ferry…the sooner the better. 

A Washington State Park Discover Pass is required if you are bringing a vehicle. Day use and annual passes can be purchased at the park if you don’t already have one.

We have the shelter all day. I plan to be at the site from about 9:00 am onward… don’t be afraid to show up “early!” A large thermos of coffee will be on hand, and help setting up a couple radio stations will be welcome. Lots of room at tables and sills for display if you have any radios or ham projects you would like to show.  

This is a potluck, with a bring-your-own-meat-to-grill option, overseen by Chef Jim K2SON. So bring something to share, a side or munchies or dessert, and bring your own plates, utensils and beverage. The Potluck starts as soon as you arrive! The grill should be going by lunchtime.  

Around noon we will have an abbreviated club meeting with topics including any Field Day updates from the individual island organizers, meeting minute approval, treasury report, committee reports, and most importantly: some time for “Stories from Your Shack.”

Again, bring food to share, tasty comestibles for the grill, and your own utensils and beverage. Monitor Cady Mountain Repeater 146.700, Dup-, Tone 131.8 or monitor the 224.48 repeater on Mount Constitution if you have 220 capability.

Scott W7SLM

P.S. The club’s discussion forum is live! Visit and sign up at https://groups.io/g/sjcars

One Response to “SJCARS Orcas Picnic, Saturday, May 11th, 2019, Cascade Lake Picnic Shelter at Moran State Park”

  1. Scott Miller says:

    Hello All,
    The weather did indeed turn out “Glorious” today, and it was a great turnout for the Orcas Picnic!

    A Whitebox was on display (and provided base station coms), and fantastic foods shared—no one left hungry.

    Thanks especially to Jim K2SON for reserving the site, and providing the grill; Wayne WA6MPG for making the Whitebox appearance a reality, and all the chefs, bakers, and fishermen (yes, you Mike KI7YU!) for the delicious and hearty foodstuffs. And donuts. I ate way too many donuts. (But they were soo gooood!)

    I am happy to report no lost coffee cups, radios, utensils, or attendees this year, though many of you were missed. Saturday was recognized by all as a good day, so we’ll do it again next year, and hope to see all the rest of you, too!

    Scott W7SLM

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