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The VE Team of Kenny K7UM, Basil N7NIX, Corky AF4PM and Monte N7TAU held a Laurel VEC Ham Exam on Lopez on April 6th.

All hams are Technicians from Lopez except as noted. New hams – Renee KJ7FUS, Ken KJ7FLX (General), Dan KJ7FLY, Karen KJ7FLW, Kate KJ7FLV, Jessica KJ7FLU and Thomas KJ7FLT (General – Friday Harbor). Upgrades – Jeff KD7KAC (General), Alan KJ7BFC (Amateur Extra – Friday Harbor) and Brian K7BLS (Amateur Extra).

I credit 100% passing to hard work studying and an excellent Tech class by Corky AF4PM.

We have offered to order and program an HT for those who are interested. Clark K7LRK will hold a hands-on workshop on operating basics.

Brian K7BLS

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