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First Laurel VEC Exam

Just a quick update about our first Laurel VE testing session that took place on Friday Harbor last Saturday.

Bryan, Basil and I were the official VEs while Mike Sear, Dave Vandaveer, Ed Kelm and Paul Barger were observers.

We had six people test, five for their Tech and one upgrading to General. All passed, and as of about an hour ago their results are available in the FCC database.  This was a ‘beta test’ for the Laurel system and the first time I was the lead at a session. There were a few small issues, but nothing that we couldn’t handle onsite and can be take care of in the future. The feedback from the VE team and the observers was all positive. 
I have started pushing through additional applications for our VE team. I believe all of the initial Lopez team has been submitted and I’m working through the San Juan group now. The next scheduled test will be on Lopez and Basil will assume the team lead role. (Both Bryan and I plan on being there to help)  
Kenny K7UM

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