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Amazing VE Session

Report from Dave K9MRQ:
The club held a VE session at the San Juan Island Library on Oct 6 with truly amazing results. The five candidates took six different tests, and a total of 6 missed questions out of 225 total questions resulted in only 6 missed answers. That is a score of 97.3%. This group of testees was the best prepared in my personal experience of almost 20 years of testing.

We started off with 3 of the testees taking the Tech test. ALL of the papers were perfect. One of those passing the Tech opted to also take the General test and easily passed. Another testee taking only the General also turned in a perfect paper. And the testee upgrading to Extra also easily passed the test.

This was the most prepared group I have ever witnessed. I sincerely hope that these well prepared hams who are not already active within the club will make their presence known.

Those earning new Tech licenses were Robin Atkins and Kenneth Bush. Earning a new General license was Michael Young. Upgrading his privilege to General was Ryan Nelson (KI7RNF). And upgrading to Extra was Paul Barger (N7TZW).

The testing team consisted of Basil Gunn (N7NIX), Brian Silverstein (K7BLS), Ed Kelm (KD7TUN), Mike Sear (N7TLL), Hoop Hooper (K9QJS), and Dave Vandaveer (K9MRQ). Basil and Brian came over from Lopez to take notes and get ready for their test session that they will conduct on Nov. 3.

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