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A message from Michael Dinkleman N7WA

Hello fellow Washington State Club

In just several weeks the Salmon Run, sponsored by the Western Washington DX Club, will be upon us for 2018. Please pass the following along to your Club members:

The Salmon Run is a contest where hams outside of Washington State are looking to make contact with Washington State Hams. This is one of the more popular QSO Party style contests run each year in the USA. (Possibly because smoked Salmon is a highly desired prize by winners.)

As Washington Hams, your members are not only worth points to non-Washington Hams but each county is a score multiplier. Entrants will be going for a “clean sweep” by working all 39 Washington counties. Note that this is an excellent time to work mobile or portable from a rare county.

This years Salmon Run will occur over the weekend of September 15-16.
It’s possible to enter as an individual, multi-op, or Club.

Please have your members check out the rules at:
and we hope to hear you on the air.

Mike, N7WA and the WWDXC

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