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Forwarded on request of Craig, AE7NA

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Subject: [All_fhl] OceanGate Submarine at FHL on September 7-14
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2018 11:52:24 -0700
From: Billie J. Swalla
Reply-To: Billie J. Swalla

Hello Everyone,

The summer is passing quickly, with the second five weeks of excellent summer courses finishing last Friday. We bid a fond farewell to the students and faculty who made it a resounding success!

Mark your calendars! We are hosting OceanGate and the Cyclops II from September 7-14, from the FHL dock. This is a collaboration between FHL, OceanGate and SeaDoc, with SeaDoc giving out the grants to do the research in the Salish Sea with the OceanGate sub. We are very pleased to have some of our FHL researchers participating, as shown in the photo below. We are planning on having a Community event on Tuesday, September 11 and a V.I.P. event on Thursday, September 13.

During the week of September 10-14, 2019, FHL is partnering with SeaDoc Society and OceanGate to bring a submersible called Cyclops II to Friday Harbor Labs!


Check out this article in Geek Wire and UW Today about the Cyclops II coming to FHL!!

Below is a photo of the researchers who will doing a deep dive, and I’m sure that you recognize many of them.
It should be another exciting week at FHL!

Have a great week!


Let to Right – Alex Lowe, Matt Baker, David Duggins, Adam Summers, Joe Gaydos, SeaDoc Science Director; Wendy Rush, Director of the OceanGate Foundation; Stockton Rush, CEO OceanGate; Neil McCurdy, COO OceanGate; Gary Greene, Mackenzie Gerringer.

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