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Wow! Ned KL7QK dropped off a load of treasure when he brought the box of “wire antenna stuff” he is offering free for club members. I spent a delightful afternoon exploring and inventorying the haul.
Below is a review of the items Ken unloaded that will be available first-come/first-claim/first-serve:

80M dipole with Balun Designs 1:1 Isolation Balun (Claimed! W7SLM)

Off Center Fed Dipole (Possibly a Windom?) (Claimed! WA6MPG)
Speculating a 4:1 Balun built into the PVC. Long leg: 81’9” Short leg: 34’ 10”

17M Portable Dipole with BNC on RG58 feedline (Claimed! WA6MPG)

15M Portable Tripole? Antenna with BNC on RG58 feedline. (Claimed! AE7EL)
The tag indicates 15 meters. Yes, it has three radiating wires. Your guess will be better than mine.
Inspecting with Wayne W6MPG, speculating is a 15M vertical, with ground plane wires.

End Fed Portable Antenna 32’9” for 20M or 40M? (Claimed! W7SLM)

Possibly with 9:1 balun?

40M Dipole 32’ 9” each side (Claimed! NM7A)

W5GI Mystery Antenna, configured as Inverted-V (Claimed! W7SLM)
Oh boy! A real, live collinear wire antenna! Can’t wait to try this one out. Happy to bring along to outings and/or lend, anytime! Appears to be built from a ‘TheWireMan’ kit.

Dual Dipole – not measured, guessing 80M and 40M by amount of wire. (Claimed! AE7EL)
That’s a lot of wire! No spreaders or spacers. Balun inside?

ICOM Dynamic Microphone, 500Ω, 3 plug round DIN
Highest quality vintage mic! Rubber on cord good, button nice.

Coax 24’ RG58/U with connectors (Claimed! AE7EL)

Coax 29’8” RG58/U with TNC? Connectors (looks like small N-type) (Claimed! AE7EL)

Coax undetermined length, (over 20’) looks/feels like 213. (Claimed! AE7EL)

Wilson Electronics Cellular Booster, with selection of Antennas (Claimed! KI7RNF)

SolarCon A-99 Base Station CB Antenna, New in Box (old box) (Claimed! W7SLM)

Rated for 2000 watts. 18’

Assortment of Miscellaneous Connectors and Adapters (Mostly Claimed! AE7EL)
only a few left!

Unmeasured lengths of cut wire (Claimed! W7SLM)
-no image-

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