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Just a brief follow-up on the SJCARS Orcas Picnic, which was just fabulous! Yes, really! We had a great spot, wonderful food, perfect weather, and even better company! Thanks everyone for coming out. We had fly-ins and drive-in from San Juan, Lopez, and mainland, and even a few new and old HAMs that were new to the club. And for those who couldn’t make it…you were missed.

It was fun to setup the VHF radio for talking-in, and thank you to Corky AF4PM who ran with the idea to setup the club N7JN HF rig (FT-840). We set that up with an SGC tuner and random length (117′) wire to see what might come in… We didn’t reach anyone on transmit, but on 20 meters we did hear HAMs in Moline, San Diego, and parts in between. Also tuned in Radio Havana for some shortwave news of the world.

A few items were left… Please email me (w7slm@arrl.net) if you can claim anything (I am pretty sure I know at least one person missing an item):

I look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting, June 8th, at Mullis.

Scott W7SLM

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