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Our group / email reflector / discussion forum at groups.io is Live!
See it here: https://groups.io/g/sjcars

This group has been created to complement the official website of the SJC Amateur Radio Society (http://www.sjcars.org) by serving as a community forum and email reflector for the Society. Participation is entirely voluntary. No ‘official’ club business will be conducted via the group, though this does not preclude discussions of club-related events such as Field Day arrangements or coordinating other activities.

The group is also open to all HAMs–subscribers are not required to be club members.

When requesting to join, please be prepared to provide your name (first and last) and Amateur Radio call sign.

To join, send an email to: sjcars+subscribe@groups.io

There is a small approval process to approve your request, and then an initial moderation of everyone’s first message to confirm is a real person/subscriber. This is done to minimize potential for spam.

If you are unfamiliar with web groups, several options are offered to control how much, if any, email to receive from the group. Once joined, you can go to the ‘Subscription’ page to select the quantity and frequency of email you may receive.

More information about settings and preferences can be found at:

Particular guidelines may be developed/published in the future, but in general, anything that would be appropriate to share at a club meeting and among other HAMs is welcome and encouraged. Have some gear to sell? Hope to borrow a book? Curious about an upcoming contest? Want to organize an antenna party? Technical question about something? Heard the funniest Amateur Radio joke, ever? Ask! Share! Reply!

Scott W7SLM

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