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Fiber Outage Notes

Posted at UDR’s request below are some of the notes I took during the fiber communications outage the evening of April 12, 2018

The outage was scheduled at 9pm.

Rock Island:
Some fiber internet (and voip Ooma) went down at 8:33p (just on SJI?) and some not till 9:05p.
Intermittent restoration around 11:30p fully operational near midnight.
LTE down at 9:05p but was erratically intermittent for a while. Totally dead by 10:10p.
Restoration time unknown.

Century Link:
Wireline service was not affected.
Internet went down at 9:05p. I confirmed restoration at 4:45a Fri morning but it probably came back earlier.

Cell Phone:
Verizon was fully functional in Eastsound, probably from Constitution. I have no other reports.
T-Mobile, Flaky but there was some reported success in calling out of the area. Also some data reported,
Texting between Lopez stations was successful on at least one occasion.
AT&T, no info.
Sprint, no info

Other internet resources:
Star Touch microwaves mainland internet service to the schools and libraries from Connie.
Doe Bay has an independent wi-fi system from Star Touch that comes from the mainland by microwave.
Mt. Baker Cable uses microwave from Connie to the mainland for internet over CATV on Orcas.
Friday Harbor CATV?
Rosche Harbor CATV?.
I have no information on the performance of these systems.

Lopez Island Exercise:
Sta-41 Corky (AF4PM) KE7KML
Sta-42 Monte N7TAU
Sta-43 Page KI7ABB & Clark K7LRK
Sta-44 Bryan K7BLS
OI Scott W7SLM
Shaw Nick KF7RHD

OP’s-1 was nearly unusable because of a possible antenna problem that occurred a week or so ago.
I brought it up to see if any Region-1 stations were monitoring and heard nobody on the really weak
signal from the repeater.

I did make contact with WA7ZWG, Bob in Bellingham, on 52.525 who inquired it things were going OK
during the outage. He indicated he would be listening if we needed something.

Orcas Fire & Rescue:
On air check-in:
Sta-24 Slight noise on signal. Using station radio?

911 Dispatch tested with Island Air using the SJCSO repeater a bit after 8p.


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