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Members and friends of SJCARS:

I am posting this on behalf of Scott Honaker, N7SS and Microhams in case any on you are looking for Rohn 25 tower sections or other tower hardware.

Years ago Microhams used towers for large Field Day events on campus.  One year we had an incident trying to bring the tower down with too few people.  It was a safety issue but no one was hurt.  The decision was made that we would have no more towers.

Since this time, all these tower pieces have been sitting in my pasture.  Now I need to move.  My house will be listed within two weeks and they need to be gone.  I have received authorization from the board to sell them and return the proceeds.
There are several 10′ pieces (6?) of Rohn 25, about 30′ of a lightweight aluminum tower and some other pieces.  They all need to be gone.  I can accept any reasonable offer.
Let me know if you’re interested.
Scott N7SS


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