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Posted by Peter Dahl on behalf of Hoop, K9QJS

This weekend, beginning at 5:00 pm on Friday or 00:00 May 6 UTC, is a fun contest weekend.   If you have never done a contest before, you might try one or two QSOs or even more on any of these HF bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10.    The contest runs until 24:59 May 7 UTC or 5 pm Sunday local time.   This is an all mode contest: CW, digital, and SSB.

This weekend is the Region 7 QSO Party, which includes hams from region 7 exchanging state and county abbreviations with other hams.   The goal for hams in region 7 is to work as many states as possible.   The goal for hams outside of region 7 is to work as many region 7 counties as possible.
The exchange that those of us in San Juan County would send would be signal report and state/county abbreviation, or 59 WASAN .
Also this weekend are state QSO parties from Indiana and New England.   The same exchange that we would send, 59 WASAN, we give to Indiana or New England stations.    We would record their state/county.
For just casual participation, try a few QSOs.   If you want to submit a score, you’ll want to use a computerized logging program.   There are lots available – free and otherwise.    Let me know if you want recommendations.
Complete rules for the Region 7 QSO Party, 7QP, are here: http://www.7qp.org/new/Page.asp?content=rules
Catch you down the log!

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