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At Friday’s meeting Basil and Corky demonstrated the Echolink system which allows club members (and only club members) to connect to the 2m repeater on Cady using a computer or mobile device. This was originally envisioned as a way for members to join the Wednesday night net, but the question now is, how do we want to deploy this.

We’ll be testing it this coming Wednesday, but in the mean time please express your opinion by answering the poll. We should be able to determine a usage policy at the next club meeting.

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  1. Dan Schwartz says:

    Thanks for setting up the EchoLink node. With summer boating season about to begin, I look forward to being able to stay in touch with my fellow SJCARS friends and San Juan Island neighbors/hams while out cruising. Dan. K9WRP (ashore QTH: Cape San Juan. afloat QTH: trawler “Northern Rose.”)

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