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MERT is On the Air!

At a club meeting earlier this year we were introduced to MERT, the Major Emergency Response Team. We invited them to take a Ham Class to increase their communications capability and minted several new Hams.

The San Juan Island plan has been to out-fit 5 outlying stations with 2m radios.

  • Cape San Juan
  • Little Mountain
  • Eagle Crest
  • Roche Harbor
  • Sunset Point (out-fitted a few years ago)

Thanks to Mike Sear, Jim Hooper and Craig Melvin for being the first station on the air!

Also thanks to the MERT Volunteers, Chief Brad Creesy and DEM’s Brendan Cowan for supporting this effort. We’ll work together to get the other stations on-line before winter. I know that Chief Marler (Silent Key) would be proud.

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