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Reported by Dave, K9MRQ

Prior to the club meeting at Mullis Fire Station on June 10th we ran an unadvertised VE session to allow Tom Huse, KE7MXK, to take his upgrade to Extra. Examiners were Ed Kelm, KD7TUN, Mike Sear, N7TLL and Dave Vandaveer, K9MRQ. The corner conference room was used for the testing process. Chief Creesy is always helpful the ham community.

The test was uneventful and Tom almost scored a perfect exam. The paperwork was forwarded to ARRL and dutifully entered into the FCC database. Tom had requested a 2×2 call for the upgrade and it has been granted. His new call is AG7AM and we should look forward to him on the air.

We do have the capability to run special VE sessions to help the local hams upgrade. We have no plans to advertise these special sessions to the public, but can help club members upgrade as long as we can find 3 VE’s to administer the tests.


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