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Generators and Gas

A number of us have generators but enough fuel can be sticky. I know of problems with long term storage of gas even with Stabil.

The Shell Station in Friday Harbor back by Harbor Rental sells Ethanol-Free mid-grade gas. Ethanol is hygroscopic, meaning it pulls moisture from the air which is at the root of many fuel storage issues.

I use it in my plane as well as chain saws, lawn mowers etc. I have a 55 gal drum in my hangar right next to our new generator, which Ed and I filled with 5W30 Synthetic Oil and tested today. I’m going to fill up my truck, which isn’t  driven much, with 26 gallons as well.


2 Responses to “Generators and Gas”

  1. Jim McCorison, K2SON says:

    For those on Orcas, West Sound Marina sells ethanol-free fuel as well.

  2. Craig AE7NA says:

    I agree,
    Last year I spent a lot of money getting my carburetors cleaned out of my
    Honda 40HP outboard and my Honda 1100 CC motorcycle.
    I now fill them with non Ethanol gas.


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