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From Hoop K9QJS

To SJCARS members and Friends

Just a reminder about our next regularly scheduled club meeting on Friday June 12, 2015, at about 11:30 am (depending on inter-island ferry arrival times) at the Mullis Fire Station on San Juan Island. We go until 1:15 pm plus or minus.

Bring your own lunch.

Field Day is this month, on Saturday, June 27th, and we will discuss and finalize our plans to have a great time together and to welcome and inform the public on our emergency communications capability.

In addition, Ed KD7TUN will report on his research on LED light bulbs and RFI emissions. Some very interesting findings.

Also in June, on the 21st – Sunday, our club will be providing support for the SJI Marathon, and we will talk very briefly about that activity – volunteers still needed.

We will follow the usual agendas, including board member and committee reports, and your opportunity to share any updates on new things you might be doing in ham radio – “Stories from your shack”.

A short pre-announcement about our July club meeting, Friday July 10: Bryan K7UDR will give us what-might-turn-out-to-be the first of a series on new happenings in the world of digital radio. And Budd WB7FHC will talk about his very interesting Arduino project, which includes insights on how to go from breadboards to PC boards. Stay tuned.

Hope to see you at the June 12 Club Meeting !


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