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(Posted on behalf of Hoop, K9QJS by Peter, WA7FUS)

Dear SJCARS members and friends,

Just a reminder note that our regularly scheduled second Friday of the month club meeting will be this coming Friday, May 8, on ORCAS Island and in picnic format. We will have a very nice time on the grounds of Moran State Park at the shelter at Cascade Lake.

If you are driving, a Washington State Discover Pass is required to be displayed on your car.

As Peter wrote in the April SJCARS meeting minutes, “This is a potluck meal event. Bring a favorite dish to share. There will be a grill set up and Jim, K2SON, will again be our grill chef. Bring YOUR OWN MEAT of your choice to grill… If the weather is a bit chilly there will be a warming roaring fire in the fireplace. Lawn games have been brought in previous years. Contributions of dry firewood will be welcomed.”

My current intentions are to bring my HF radio along with antenna, generator, et al. And you will be welcome to get on the air with it, voice or CW.

For those of us not living on Orcas, do check your schedule for the ferries. What I found (might not be correct) is below in terms of ferry departure times for Interisland. I’ll leave it to you off-islanders to research the Anacortes-Orcas ferry options.

Rides are typically available from Orcas Island club members for any of us that might want to walk on to a ferry. Listen in on this Wednesday night at 2000 hours local time on the SJCARS VHF ARES net for updates.

VHF communications on the day of the event: We are not sure if the Cady Mountain repeater can be hit from Moran State park where we will be, but I am sure someone will monitor it. Alternatively, VHF simplex on one of the TAC frequencies … TBD. Or, we could temporarily use the Mount Constitution repeaters.

We will have an official SJCARS meeting, the agenda for which will include:
1. Approve April meeting minutes
2. Treasurers report
3. Committee reports (repeater, et al)
4. Field Day 2015 plans update – Hoop
5. Any other business
6. “What’s happening at your shack” updates
7. Announcements, upcoming meetings
8. Adjourn to more fun and frivolity, or in lieu thereof, stimulating conversation

Reminder of things to bring with you: your beverage, your own meat to grill, food to share, your own plates, silverware, etc.

Hope to see you there!


INTER-ISLAND FERRY SCHEDULE (always check the real schedule though)

San Juan to Orcas 8:30 am to 9:15 am
Returning from Orcas to San Juan 4:30 pm to 5:10 pm

Lopez to Orcas 9:55 am to 10:35 am
Returning from Orcas to Lopez 3:10 pm to 3:45 pm

Location: Cascade Lake Shelter, Moran State Park, Orcas Island.
Directions: Take Olga Road from Eastsound to the East. Can’t miss it.

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