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(Posted on behalf of Hoop, K9QJS by Peter, WA7FUS)

The US Islands Awards Program is having a “USI One-Day Getaway” this weekend, May 9, 2015, 0000z – 2359z, which is 5:00 pm this Friday local time to Saturday at 4:59 pm local time.

You can learn more about it at the above link – scroll down the page to find information specific to this one-day getaway. This is the debut for this annual event.

Founded in 1994, US Islands promotes portable ham radio operations from islands found in all bodies of water: lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and coastal islands in US territorial waters. The One-Day Getaway is an on-air activity, not a contest: no scores are tallied and no prizes are awarded. Participation from all radio amateurs, regardless of experience level, is encouraged. Contacts can be made with any station. US Islands offers achievement awards for both island activators and island chasers, including a certificate for your first US Islands activation.

Here in the San Juans, US Island identifiers include (only listing a few here, most all have been activated though some have not):

Blakey Island WA038
Lopez Island WA035S
Orcas Island WA049S
San Juan Island WA004S
Shaw Island WA040S

Hope to hear you on the air, either activating your island or chasing some islands.

San Juan Island

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