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Two for Two

(posted by Peter Dahl on behalf of Dave Vandaveer, K9MRQ)

At the most recent VE session held April 18th at the San Juan Island Library, we had two applicants show up and both passed the test to become brand new Technicians.  Gaye Levy and Sheldon “Shelly” Avon are the newest hams on the island.

The paperwork will be sent Monday to Newington for entry into the license system.  As soon as those new calls show up, Gaye and Shelly will be able to join us.  They have already purchased handhelds and a friend in Texas has programmed them.

Under the new system, paper licenses are not automatically mailed to new hams.  The government is saving money and folks have to buy them now.  The ARRL has protested this process to no avail.

The testers for this session were Ed Kelm (KD7TUN), Mike Sear (N7TLL), Hoop Hooper (K9QJS), and Dave Vandaveer (K9MRQ).  This time, we didn’t have to sit around and wait for the public to show up.

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  1. Gaye Levy says:

    Nothing so far on the FCC website but I will check again on Monday. As soon as we have our call signs, we will come back and sign up. Thanks for making us feel so welcome!

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