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From: Hoop K9QJS

To: SJCARS Friends and members

Dear fellow hams and friends,

Our next SJCARS club meeting will be on Friday, April 10, 2015, at 11:30 am on San Juan Island at the Mullis Street Fire Station. I hope to see you there! We end around 1:15 pm plus or minus. Bring your own lunch and the Fire Station kitchen has a microwave oven, which may increase your options.

We have two featured presenters !

Doug K7BIY Halsey, National Park Service Ranger, will be presenting “The History of Telegraphy in the San Juan Islands”, with stories dating from the 1800’s. “Very interesting presentation,” reported Sid and Athlene, who saw Doug’s presentation last summer when he first presented it at the SJI Library.

Steve N4RVE Roberts, our own peripatetic technophile and expert tinkerer, will do a show-and-tell on one of his latest creations, Shacktopus . Read more about it at the referenced link. This is an “over-the-top” ham shack power back-up and distribution system, yet there are many elements of it that each of us can apply to our own shack. Read about another and different creation of Steve’s in a front page article in the April 1, 2015, edition of the Journal of the San Juans.

Of course we will have our regular agenda:

Intros of new guests
Approve previous meeting minutes
Treasurer’s report
Stories from your shack
– an opportunity for each of us to share what we might be doing in this wonderful hobby
Announcements & Next meeting

If you have read this far, and if you don’t regularly attend our meetings, what might we do to make it easier for you to attend? Drop me a line.

I hope to see you at the meeting, Friday, April 10, at 11:30 am at Mullis Street Fire!


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