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Fellow Hamsters/Hamsterettes,  Someone, anyone, please feel free to Net Control 2 meter this Wednesday, March 11.  I am currently in Billings, MT assisting my father through back surgery and packing up the house (of 55 years) to move them to Washington.  Bryan is currently driving the 1st truck load to WA and may not be back on island by Wednesday night, yet to be seen.

Thanks in advance,
Dani, KE7TLE

3 Responses to “Plea for substitute Net Control”

  1. Basil Gunn N7NIX says:

    According to ‘NCS Rotation’ link (http://sjcars.org/blog/ncs-rotation) and ‘the bot’, Bob Brunkow is up this Wednesday. The Coming Events section is out of sync.
    Basil N7NIX

  2. Ed Kelm, KD7TUN says:

    I’ll do it.
    Ed K.

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