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Silent Key for W7BXH

Charlie Lindenberg-W7BXH

Charlie was a long time member of the San Juan County Amateur Radio Society and a leading force as our morse code operator.  Charlie, known for his sense of humor, love of Ground Hog day, birds chirping in morse code, his patience with most of us on the slow-poke net, always made us smile.  His love and companion, Nancy, was always ready to lend a hand at events, runs and emergency com situations.

He is greatly missed as our inspiration for enjoying the little things in life.

Charlie was an active pilot and is honored on the San Juan Pilots web page, click here to read 

You are invited to take a moment to share special memories you have of Charlie here under comments.


3 Responses to “Silent Key for W7BXH”

  1. Mike Speece says:

    So long Charlie, heaven has gathered a kind and loving soul… N7JN, W7COW, K7IRO, WA7TWB, W7BXH… a lot of good CW operators up there, who’s gonna fill their boots down here?

    You were well loved and will be well missed my friend.

  2. Clark K7LRK says:

    Charlie came over to greet me after the first meeting I attended. It made me feel welcome. His encouragement was instrumental in getting me going on CW after a 30 year break. 73 Charlie Thank you.

  3. Ben Pooley VE1AHX says:

    I am sorry to hear that W7BXH has gone. We used to have daily CW chats back in the ’50s when I was VE7AFP, the other member of a regular trio was Bob W7ZIZ. He was ‘Chuck’ to us then. He drove a Triumph (TR3, I think) sports car in those days.We last met when I took a trip to a visit him and Nancy in 1999. The only ‘sideswiper’ key expert I ever knew. R.I.P. Chuck.

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