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The winner of the first K7LRK QRP antenna contest is Wayne, WA6MPG.  In fact, his entry so obviously blew away the field that no one else even asked to be judged.  Clark, K7LRK, used the occasion instead to spend an hour or so getting his antenna tuned up:


Clark (K7LRK) and Paul (WK7A) tuning up Clark’s antenna

Wayne’s antenna operates on all bands, including all bands above HF all the way  up to 1.3GHz – that’s good for 160 points.  That score gets doubled because the SWR is less than 1.5:1 on all bands.  No band switching required gets him another 45 points.  The total, 365 points, gets cut in half, because his antenna has an efficiency on all bands less than 25%.  The score is now down to 182.5.  Wayne estimates deployment time at 1 second, but we’re gonna call it 0 seconds, since all he has to do is hook it up to the transceiver.  That’s worth 50 more points.

Grand total:  232.5 points!

How did he do it?  Simple: he submitted a dummy load, in a 1 gallon ziplock bag.


The Winning Entry

Congratulations to Wayne for carefully reading the rules and coming up with the unbeatable antenna!  Too bad it has an efficiency of pretty close to 0%.

Note:  If we do this again, we may want to change the rules just a little bit.  We might even want to measure field strength.


Ed K.


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