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Where and When:  The SJCARS picnic on Lopez, Sept. 13, 2014

It is called the K7LRK Antenna Shootout because Clark, K7LRK, had the idea.  If this turns out to be a good idea, remember, it was Clark’s; if it turns out to be a bad idea, remember, it was Clark’s.

Here’s how it works:  Bring your favorite QRP antenna, set it up, get it checked out on an analyzer, judged by some people you thought were your friends, and see how it compares to others’ submissions.

The perfect QRP antenna has 1:1 SWR on all HF bands with no adjustments, weighs practically nothing, fits in your pocket, and when removed from your pocket will instantly hang itself from the very top of nearby trees.  Hint:  No one will bring one of these.  However, antennas will be scored by how closely they approach the ideal.  Bonus points will be awarded for unusual designs, or anything else that amuses the panel of obviously biased judges.

The official rules for the event, subject to change anytime up to or even during the event, are in this PDF:  ShootoutRules

So, find some obscure forum, buy some wire, and build that ideal antenna that some fool claims to have worked all states with using only 50 milliwatts.

See you at the picnic!


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