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A Modest Tower for FREE

Just the tower for your 6/10 meter beam!

and the price is really right.

Description as she lays in our backyard:

  • This is a 38′ crank-up tower. Manufacturer unknown.
  • Lower section is a 10″ triangle with 1″ pipe legs
  • Upper section fits in side lower with guide rollers top and bottom.
  • At the top of the upper section is a 2″ mast stub.
  • The tower is built more heavily than canonical Rohn 25G.
  • Material is galvanized steel; the galvanizing is in good shape.

The small crank-up winch is rusty and probably should be replaced.I would guess the tower weighs about 200 pounds.

Can be loaded on a pickup tuck lumber rack by 2 people, but 4 would be better. We don’t have a truck, but we’ll help load.

Contact: Peter, K2SPR or Jim, K2SON

One Response to “A Modest Tower for FREE”

  1. Greetings
    Is the tower still available and are ther any photos you could send?
    You may respond directly to my e-mail if you would
    Thank you

    Les L. Moller WA7JUJ
    Burlington, Wash 98233

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