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Hoop, K9QJS and I had a KX3 — QRP field day yesterday.  The attached photos highlight Hoop’s contact with W1AW/7 on 15 meters using 3.3 watts and an inverted V Dipole at 20 feet.

Clark, K7LRK

140228_K9QJS_LopezFieldTrip DSCN0813 (3)

3 Responses to “QRP Day”

  1. Jeff Clark (W1TX) says:

    Good stuff! I just love my KX3.

  2. K7UDR says:

    Hey Guys, what’s the QTH?

  3. Bill says:

    Isn’t the KX3 an awesome little radio? Last weekend on 10M I was able to snag over 30 QRP DX contacts, all on SSB at <5W. Of course, propagation helps! 🙂 However, there were some very big guns I had to work around and yet I was able to make all those good contacts. Great fun!

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