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The Washington State QSO Party (AKA the Salmon Run) will take place this year on the weekend of September 21 – 22. During this operating event, operators world wide will try to contact all 39 Washington Counties. Only contacts with Washington State stations will count.

San Juan County is one of the counties in the state with the fewest hams. Here is an opportunity for local hams to become rare DX.

There are numerous awards for those who wish to submit logs and bragging rights for those who just want to participate

For San Juan hams, the Club encourages individual Club members to participate from the comfort of their own shacks. They may use any operating mode, band and hours they choose within the over all rules of the Salmon Run.

President Mike Sears will announce awards that are available to SJCARS members at the September Club meeting. Club awards will be based on the highest claimed scores. (High claimed score logs (in any format) may be checked by SJCARS.)

The SJCARS awards are in addition to any awards offered by the Salmon Run event sponsors, the Western Washington DX Club. Visit their website for more information.


This has been a fun event in past years. We are a rare county, many stations will be looking to work us.

Come and join the party, 73, Dan Drath

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