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Hello folks,

I grabbed about 2^4 machines out of the recycling bin at work that had reached end-of-life.  I took out the 150G SATA hard drive that came with them and in their places, put “embedded” Debian images on 1G CF cards.  I intend to deploy most of them to customer premises as Internet gateway appliances and provide IPv6, firewall services, some compression and other bits.  The systems have 4 gigabit ethernet ports (e1000e), a 32-bit PCI slot, a serial console, a couple of USB ports on the front panel, a couple of internal USB headers and a couple of internal serial headers.  There is also a bit  on the back which can be punched out to make room for an external DB-9 serial port.

I was thinking that a few of you might be interested in using one of these as AMPR  gateway hardware.  A TNC could be attached to one of the USB or serial interfaces, or a SoundModem could be set up using one of the spare PCI sound blaster cards I’ve got laying around plus the soundmodem package that Debian ships.

If you’re interested in having one of these installed and managed by Collier Technologies LLC, feel free to email me at cjac@colliertech.org.

If you’d like to manage one yourself, I’ll give you the hardware along with any  spare equipment I’ve got laying around which helps get it online.  I’d love to see the County get more stations on the AMPR Net!


73 de KF7BMP



Wanjet Internals

Wanjet Internals

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