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D-Star 440 Frequency

Before I order the 440 duplexer we need to choose a frequency. The WWARA has reserved a 100KHz block for narrowband experimentation (8-12.5KHz Channels 441.2 to 441.3MHz) and I’m currently working out a plan with a couple of other D-Star repeaters down sound.

Stay Tuned (duplexer humor hi hi)

2 Responses to “D-Star 440 Frequency”

  1. cjadamscollier says:

    Cool. Do you think we could patch in to the 44 net with D-Star equipment? We’ve got 44.24.127/24 set aside for SJCARS use. I’ve currently got an amprnet gateway in Tukwila that we can route traffic through. I think we can start handing out 8 to 16 addresses any stations which come online.

  2. KG6GEU says:

    CJ, it’s a possibility but DV mode is very limited in data capabilities. I’ll have more on this topic in a month or two.

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