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Club Inventory

Craig and Ed are currently determining the value of these items after which we’ll hold an auction so stay tuned!

1 Vertex VX-150 2m HT GEU Nelson SK
1 Wouxon KG-UVDP! 2m/440 HT GEU Nelson SK
1 Yaesu FT-5100 2m/440 Mobile GEU EOC
1 ICOM IC-207 2m/440 Mobile TUN EOC
1 iCOM IC-208 2m/440 Mobile TUN Sherrif’s Office
1 ICOM IC-735 HF Rig GEU Sherrif’s Office
1 Kenwood TS-520 HF Rig GEU EOC
1 Yaesu FT-450 HF Rig GEU Nelson SK
1 Yaesu FT-840 HF Rig GEU Nelson SK
1 Realistic HTX-100 HF Rig GEU Nelson SK
1 Yaesu FT-840 HF Rig TLL Club Mobile
1 TenTec Scout 555 HF Rig w/20m 40m plugins GEU EOC
1 Kenwood TS-930S HF Rig with AutoTuner GEU EOC
1 Astron RS-35 Power Supply 30A Linear GEU Nelson SK
1 Astron RS-35M Power Supply 30A Linear w/meters Cady Will be replaced



2 Responses to “Club Inventory”

  1. n7tll says:

    Hi Peter,
    The following is provided as an update to the club inventory item listed as N7JN, ?? , HF Rig
    1. Mfg : Yaesu
    2. Model : FT-840
    3. Type : HF traceiver 80-10 meters
    4. Condition : operational with carrying case, pwr cable and mic.
    5. Storage Local : N7TLL Shack
    6. Notes : N7JN portable HF rig

    P. S. For consideration/discussion at the next meeting, I suggest that one of the club Astron power supplies be assigned to this club rig for N7JN portable field operations such as Field Day and other special events.
    I will provide the serial no. of this FT-840 when I get back to SJI.

    Tnxs 73, Mike N7TLL

  2. Mike N7TLL says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Sorry I didn’t included you in my first reply. I sent my update to Peter who I knew would direct it to the author. Then after I pushed send I saw that you had posted the item. I want to say thank you for taking the time to post the inventory and equipment location. I was also thinking that it is a good place to list all of the other gear and radio related equpment the clubs owns like repeaters, tuners and anything else we can identify as SJCARS property. Just a thought for a new business topic during a future meeting.
    73, Mike N7TLL

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