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• The nominating committee presented their recommendations for 2018 SJCARS officers.

• National Park Ranger K7BIY’s presentation – “History of Telegraphy in the San Juans”


Nice to see our entire repeater network being utilized! Check-ins for VHF net on 2M, 440, 220, and Echolink.

Basil found the problem with our Echolink system last Wednesday. Apparently someone installed a conflicting application that had a Hardware Conflict with Echolink.

I promised not to do it again …

Meeting highlights include:

• A report from our nominating committee

• The status of N7JN-R EchoLink node

• K9WRP’s presentation on the recovery of the Challenger Space Capsule


Eight candidates for new or upgraded ham licenses at the San Juan Island Library on Oct 20. Recently licensed hams, Peg Gerlock (KI7PJS) and Paul Barger (KI7QBJ) sucessfully upgraded to General Class. James Deuel (KB7JAD) from Orcas upgraded successfully to Extra after a long layoff. Larry Gadallah (VE7VQ) got tired of logging into the net with his Canadian call plus stroke 7, so he came over to take all three tests and will soon have an American Extra Class call for logging in.

Thomas Twaddell took both the Tech and General tests and passed. He will soon be checking in as a General.

Travis Hill, Phil Johnson (husband of Peg Gerlock) and Ryan Nelson all passed the Tech exam with flying colors.

All tests taken were passed, a rarity in recent memory. Administering these great candidates were Hoop Hooper (K9QJS), Ed Kelm (KD7TUN), Mike Sear (N7TLL), and Dave Vandaveer (K9MRQ). Hoop made sure he got all the email addresses for these folks and has already been sending them invitations to club activities.

(posted by Peter Dahl on behalf of Dave, K9MRQ)


The Echolink system for the Cady repeater is up and running 24/7, but the link radio is only on for Wednesday Net during the testing phase.

You need to be on the Whitelist to connect. Email me if you’d like to be added.


  • AF4PM
  • N7NIX
  • KU7M
  • WA7FUS
  • N4RVE
  • K7NHE
  • KC7WJJ
  • K9QJS
  • K9WRP
  • AE7NA
  • K7BLS
  • N7IPB
  • W7SLM
  • N7TAU
  • K7LRK
  • K7UDR
  • KE7TLE
  • KD7TUN


Minutes this time are coming from Odlin Park on Lopez and include praise and thanks from ARISS and Island Rec.Minutes 2017-09

PayPal Update

We have changed the PayPal option for membership to a subscription model. This has 2 benefits. First your membership is for 12 months instead of the calendar year. Second it’s a 5 year subscription billed annually so you don’t have to remember to pay every year. Of course you can cancel any time and you won’t be billed for future years.

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