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Highlights include:

• An overview of San Juan County ACS and a vsit with SJC DEM director

• Revisiting WSPR

• Dan’s trip to Pacificon 2018

• SJC has a connection to HamWAN


Season’s Greetings to All!
The Annual SJCARS Holiday Potluck Party is coming up Friday, December 14th, 11:30am at Mullis Fire Station. An enormous Ron’s Smoked Turkey, and Craig AE7NA’s Spiral Ham will be the featured main dishes!
For all details, and to RSVP, please visit the below link:


Scott W7SLM


I am very careful not to use the Club for promotion of our products at NW Digital Radio, the company that Basil and others are involved with.

OTOH This video from Julian, OH8STN in Finland, went Viral and we sold out our latest product release; the Digital Radio Amateur Work Station:


We’re starting our next build now. If you’re interested, follow our blog at NW Digital Radio

Website updates

I have updated the website:

ARES Reports have moved to the AUXCOMM Google Group. Wednesday night Nets no longer need to be reported.

The 2m Digipeater  on Orcas has changed frequency to Net-16 144.910

The 2m RMS Gateway on Lopez also changed to Net-16 144.910

Report from Brian K7BLS:

The Lopez contingent of the club conducted their first VE session on November 3 with a great outcome. All candidates except one participated in two study sessions led by Corky.

Fifteen people took the test and we now have thirteen new Hams! 

Those earning new Tech licenses:

  • Zach Anheman
  • Brenda Asterino
  • Wade Clark
  • Bill Clemens
  • Chyanne Escalante
  • Peter Garlock
  • Jim Ghiglione (Retired Lopez Fire Chief)
  • Mark Herrenkohl
  • Monico MacKinnon
  • Lou Prey
  • Joel Ray
  • Kai Underwood
  • John Waugh

All have been encouraged to take advantage of the SJCARS generous offer of one year free membership for new hams by signing up online.

The VE testing team:

  • Basil Gunn (N7NIX) VE
  • Clark Johnson (K7LRK) VE
  • Corky Searls (AF4PM) VE
  • Brian Silverstein (K7BLS) VE
  • Page Read (KI7ABB) Assistant

Basil and Brian had a great experience participating in the October 6th test in Friday Harbor.

On November 17 we will have a Get On The Air session for the new Hams. For those who wanted, we ordered HTs and will program them. Several others have radios or will purchase one.

Highlights include:

• Visits via Skype with candidates for ARRL Northwest Director

• A successful test of HamWan connectivity between San Juan Island and Victoria



Amazing VE Session

Report from Dave K9MRQ:
The club held a VE session at the San Juan Island Library on Oct 6 with truly amazing results. The five candidates took six different tests, and a total of 6 missed questions out of 225 total questions resulted in only 6 missed answers. That is a score of 97.3%. This group of testees was the best prepared in my personal experience of almost 20 years of testing.

We started off with 3 of the testees taking the Tech test. ALL of the papers were perfect. One of those passing the Tech opted to also take the General test and easily passed. Another testee taking only the General also turned in a perfect paper. And the testee upgrading to Extra also easily passed the test.

This was the most prepared group I have ever witnessed. I sincerely hope that these well prepared hams who are not already active within the club will make their presence known.

Those earning new Tech licenses were Robin Atkins and Kenneth Bush. Earning a new General license was Michael Young. Upgrading his privilege to General was Ryan Nelson (KI7RNF). And upgrading to Extra was Paul Barger (N7TZW).

The testing team consisted of Basil Gunn (N7NIX), Brian Silverstein (K7BLS), Ed Kelm (KD7TUN), Mike Sear (N7TLL), Hoop Hooper (K9QJS), and Dave Vandaveer (K9MRQ). Basil and Brian came over from Lopez to take notes and get ready for their test session that they will conduct on Nov. 3.

The September meeting was a picnic at Odlin Park on Lopez, with 9 people attending, 6 from Lopez, 3 from San Juan Is.

Minutes 2018-09

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