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December 2016

Highlights include Hoop’s announcement that the school district has approved a collaboration between the district and SJCARS to perhaps get local students to talk to the International Space Station through Ham radio.  Also included in the minutes is a slate of club officers to be voted upon at the January club meeting.

Minutes 2016-12

Highlights include discussion of possible project with ARISS (kids talking to the International Space Station through Ham radio), date and time of the Christmas party in December and other details you won’t want to miss.


Welcome Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Farr, KI7EBJ, is one of our newly minted Hams from MERT. She received preliminary training at  the Eagle Crest Fire Station yesterday and is ready to communicate.

As part of her MERT responsibility, she visits the Fire Station monthly. I have asked her to do a radio check each month when she’s there.

Please give her a warm welcome if you catch her on the Cady Repeater!

Remote Base Aberdeen

Doug Johnson – WA7PUG, a friend of Mike Sear,  who moved from Southern California to Washington has this to share.

“K6YNP and I worked on this for a few weeks … one of the things we found out is that there is a lot of talk about remote rigs but in reality, not many are really in operation …. but we now have one working.”

“Project Remote Base Aberdeen” 


Highlights include discussion of involving the local schools in the International Space Station project and possibly setting up a ham station at the public library in Friday Harbor.


First Storm of 2016

Congratulations to all of us for a well executed drill. We held 3 Callouts on Saturday and received responses from HAMs on San Juan, Lopez, Orcas and Shaw.

The EOC was activated and Brendan was pleased that Ed and I dropped by.

Had the storm materialized as forecast, San Juan HAMs stood ready.



Results of the VE Session

SJCARS had another successful VE (Volunteer Examiner) testing session at the San Juan Island Library on Sat, Oct 1 at noon.  Nick Wainwright came for the Tech license session and passed in spite of the best efforts of the VE’s to distract him. Overseeing the test were Hoop Hooper, K9QJS, Ed Kelm, KD7TUN, Mike Sear, N7TLL and Dave Vandaveer, K9MRQ.  Following grading of the test, the team stayed around to discuss Nick’s involvement with the various emergency agencies on the island, as well as his very interesting employer. We had a very instructive two hours, and it was enjoyed by all.

Dave K9MRQ

UHF Repeater Update

Peter WA7FUS reported an issue hearing the UHF machine on Cady. I have no problem working it with a handheld, but with winter coming on it seemed like a good time to make a service call, so Ed and I went up the mountain.

After a quick physical inspection, we ran a couple of tests:

  • Output Power 30W, measured with service monitor
  • Antenna SWR < 1.5 at 443.450 and 448.450 from analyzer

So everything appears to be in order. We do need to top up the batteries soon.

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