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Highlights include Field Day preparations and a presentation by K7NHE  “Recent Trends in Marine Electronics”.


We held a brief business meeting at our annual Orcas Island  picnic.


Just a brief follow-up on the SJCARS Orcas Picnic, which was just fabulous! Yes, really! We had a great spot, wonderful food, perfect weather, and even better company! Thanks everyone for coming out. We had fly-ins and drive-in from San Juan, Lopez, and mainland, and even a few new and old HAMs that were new to the club. And for those who couldn’t make it…you were missed.

It was fun to setup the VHF radio for talking-in, and thank you to Corky AF4PM who ran with the idea to setup the club N7JN HF rig (FT-840). We set that up with an SGC tuner and random length (117′) wire to see what might come in… We didn’t reach anyone on transmit, but on 20 meters we did hear HAMs in Moline, San Diego, and parts in between. Also tuned in Radio Havana for some shortwave news of the world.

A few items were left… Please email me (w7slm@arrl.net) if you can claim anything (I am pretty sure I know at least one person missing an item):

I look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting, June 8th, at Mullis.

Scott W7SLM

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SJCARS Orcas Picnic
Friday, May 11, 2018
About 10 am to ?

Dear SCJARS members and Friends,

Our next regularly scheduled monthly meeting will be our Orcas Island Picnic on Friday May 11, 2018, at Cascade Lake at Moran State Park, Orcas Island. We have the shelter reserved, so it will be nice rain or shine. We’ll begin as soon as folks arrive off the inter-island ferry. Moran State Park is about 30 minutes from the ferry, so plan accordingly. It’s best to coordinate rides in advance.
Click here for a map from the ferry.

Check the ferry schedules. If you are coming from:
>> Lopez, catch the 9:55 am interisland, arrives Orcas at 10:35 am
>> Shaw, catch the 10:15 interisland, arrives Orcas at 10:35 am
>> San Juan Island, catch the 8:30 am interisland, arrives Orcas at 9:15 am
>> Anacortes, take either the 7:30 am, arrives at 8:20 am, or the 10:35 am, arrives at 11:45 am.
Again, it’s a 30 minute drive to Moran State Park.
Always check ferry schedules!

A Washington State Park Discover Pass is required if you are bringing a vehicle. Day use only is available at the park.

This is a potluck, with a bring-your-own-meat-to-grill option, overseen by Chef Jim K2SON. So bring something to share, a side or munchies or dessert, and bring your own plates and utensils and beverage.

We will have a very short regular club meeting with topics including Field Day updates from the individual island organizers, meeting minute approval, treasury report, committee reports, and time permitting, “Stories from Your Shack.”

Again, bring food to share, meat to grill if you would like, and your own utensils and beverage. Monitor Cady Mountain Repeater 146.700, Dup-, Tone 131.8 or monitor the 224.48 repeater on Mount Constitution if you have 220 capability.

Scott W7SLM

p.s. Be sure to visit and join our groups.io discussion group, at https://groups.io/g/sjcars

Jerry Swalling, WA7ZTT, would like to sell all of his equipment from his SJ Island station.  The equipment is

Icom IC-735 SSB with IC-AH-2 auto tuner and manuals
Kenwood TS-140S SSB with manual
Kenwood TH-28A 2mtr FM handheld with extension mike, charger and manual
Kenwood TM-G707A mobile VHF_UHF dual band xceiver with manual
Kantronics Packet TNC with cables
Vibroplex keyer
Automatic keyer
Comet CX-333 triband base VHF_UHF antenna
Mag mount triband antenna
Misc.big junk box
He would like to sell it all as one package for a reasonable offer.
Contact Jerry at  425 308 5565 to arrange a look see or ask questions.

ICOM HT Repair

Hello SJCARS —

I’m a member of SJCARS; I need to have my ICOM W2A 2m/440 handheld
repaired and am looking for a recommendation.  Icom in Bellevue advised
they will no longer repair it as it’s too old, and Bud Garside of
Portland, who repaired it a few years ago, advised via email “we do not
repair handhelds.”  (??)

Can you recommend someone in the Pacific NW?


John Chessell  KC6TMR
San Juan Island


• Demystifying Log Book of the World

• An introduction to Vector Network Analyzers

May 2018 meeting will be a picnic in Moran State Park, Orcas Island


Our group / email reflector / discussion forum at groups.io is Live!
See it here: https://groups.io/g/sjcars

This group has been created to complement the official website of the SJC Amateur Radio Society (http://www.sjcars.org) by serving as a community forum and email reflector for the Society. Participation is entirely voluntary. No ‘official’ club business will be conducted via the group, though this does not preclude discussions of club-related events such as Field Day arrangements or coordinating other activities.

The group is also open to all HAMs–subscribers are not required to be club members.

When requesting to join, please be prepared to provide your name (first and last) and Amateur Radio call sign.

To join, send an email to: sjcars+subscribe@groups.io

There is a small approval process to approve your request, and then an initial moderation of everyone’s first message to confirm is a real person/subscriber. This is done to minimize potential for spam.

If you are unfamiliar with web groups, several options are offered to control how much, if any, email to receive from the group. Once joined, you can go to the ‘Subscription’ page to select the quantity and frequency of email you may receive.

More information about settings and preferences can be found at:

Particular guidelines may be developed/published in the future, but in general, anything that would be appropriate to share at a club meeting and among other HAMs is welcome and encouraged. Have some gear to sell? Hope to borrow a book? Curious about an upcoming contest? Want to organize an antenna party? Technical question about something? Heard the funniest Amateur Radio joke, ever? Ask! Share! Reply!

Scott W7SLM

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