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It’s time again for the Annual SJCARS Holiday Potluck Party! 
The potluck will be on Saturday December 14th, 2019, at 11:30 am at the Mullis Street Fire Station, San Juan Island.  We’ll begin as soon as folks arrive off the inter-island ferry, and will continue until 1:30 pm.
Ed KD7TUN and Clare KE7WQY will be bringing two “fresh-from-the-smoker” Smoked Turkeys from Ron’s, along with gravy and cranberry sauce; and Craig AE7EL will again bring a Spiral Ham!
For other items and to see what else is needed/you can bring, see the list here.  
In general, choice of what to bring is up to you. Bring your own beverage, and as usual, please bring your own plates and silverware and serving utensils.
Below is a copy of the list as of 12/11/2019:

Entrees Chef (call sign)
Smoked Turkey provided by the club
gravy Ed KD7TUN
Slider sandwiches Tina and Steve Stroh (N8GNJ)
Spiral Ham Craig AE7NA
Side dishes  
Baked Beans Greg (AE7EL)
Roasted Vegetables (beets, carrots, sweetpotatoes) Robin KJ7BFD
Roasted butternt squash with gorgonzola Peter & Carol (WA7FUS)
cranberry sauce (homemade) Clare KE7WQY
Brussell Sprouts   – who ?? –
Christmas Salad (broccoli, cauliflower, tomato..) Scott W7SLM
Appetizers & Snacks  
Chips and guacamole Kenny KU7M
Deviled eggs Patti KJ7PRW
Pecan pie n6au
Apple or Cherry pie n6au
Beverages & Other  


Scott W7SLM

Highlights included:

– a display of CW devices and discussion

– Nominating committee report


We had a very successful Ham Exam on November 9th.

New Technicians:

Chris Combs  KJ7KIZ
George Hohnsbeen  KJ7KJB
David Robison  KJ7KJC
Nick Teague  KJ7KJD
Susie Teague  KJ7KJE
John Wickahm  KJ7KJA

Upgrade to General:

Chayanne Escalante  KJ7BUZ
Renee Koplan  WA7GRL
Joel Ray KJ7BVE
Michael Sendrowicz  KG7UVP
David Saylor KC6UVZ
John Waugh  W3LPZ
Patty Wickham. KJ7PRW

This is the first time we held a class on Lopez for both Technician (2 sessions) and General (3 sessions). Many thanks to Corky AF4PM for the syllabus and teaching the classes with help from Clark K7LRK and Brian K7BLS.

Volunteer Examiners and helpers were Kenny KU7M, Basil N7NIX, Monte N7TAU, Clark K7LRK, Corky AF4PM, Jim KJ7BJT, Paul N7TZW and Brian K7BLS.  

Highlights include:

• Ed’s presentation comparing horizontal dipoles and vertical antennas.


The following pdf file is the slide show I used in my presentation on vertical antennas vs. horizontal dipoles at the 10/11/19 club meeting.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment, or email me at: my call sign at ARRL dot net.


Ed K.

Date: Nov 9, 2019
Time: 9am-noon
Pre-Registration is preferred, but not required. Please download and e-mail the registration form to ku7m@ku7m.net 
Lopez Public Library

2225 Fisherman Bay Road
Lopez, WA 98261

(in the ‘Meeting Room”)
Posted on behalf of
Kenny KU7M


Boxes of books!  From the collection of Dick Rich, W6OPX, Silent Key.  They are free to a good home.  Take one, take 10, take them all.

Contact Ed Kelm, KD7TUN, if you are interested in any.

Hoop conducted a short meeting at our annual Lopez Island SJCARS picnic


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