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Report from Brian K7BLS:

The Lopez contingent of the club conducted their first VE session on November 3 with a great outcome. All candidates except one participated in two study sessions led by Corky.

Fifteen people took the test and we now have thirteen new Hams! 

Those earning new Tech licenses:

  • Zach Anheman
  • Brenda Asterino
  • Wade Clark
  • Bill Clemens
  • Chyanne Escalante
  • Peter Garlock
  • Jim Ghiglione (Retired Lopez Fire Chief)
  • Mark Herrenkohl
  • Monico MacKinnon
  • Lou Prey
  • Joel Ray
  • Kai Underwood
  • John Waugh

All have been encouraged to take advantage of the SJCARS generous offer of one year free membership for new hams by signing up online.

The VE testing team:

  • Basil Gunn (N7NIX) VEC
  • Clark Johnson (K7LRK) VEC
  • Corky Searls (AF4PM) VEC
  • Brian Silverstein (K7BLS) VEC
  • Page Read (KI7ABB) Assistant

Basil and Brian had a great experience participating in the October 6th test in Friday Harbor.

On November 17 we will have a Get On The Air session for the new Hams. For those who wanted, we ordered HTs and will program them. Several others have radios or will purchase one.

Highlights include:

• Visits via Skype with candidates for ARRL Northwest Director

• A successful test of HamWan connectivity between San Juan Island and Victoria



Amazing VE Session

Report from Dave K9MRQ:
The club held a VE session at the San Juan Island Library on Oct 6 with truly amazing results. The five candidates took six different tests, and a total of 6 missed questions out of 225 total questions resulted in only 6 missed answers. That is a score of 97.3%. This group of testees was the best prepared in my personal experience of almost 20 years of testing.

We started off with 3 of the testees taking the Tech test. ALL of the papers were perfect. One of those passing the Tech opted to also take the General test and easily passed. Another testee taking only the General also turned in a perfect paper. And the testee upgrading to Extra also easily passed the test.

This was the most prepared group I have ever witnessed. I sincerely hope that these well prepared hams who are not already active within the club will make their presence known.

Those earning new Tech licenses were Robin Atkins and Kenneth Bush. Earning a new General license was Michael Young. Upgrading his privilege to General was Ryan Nelson (KI7RNF). And upgrading to Extra was Paul Barger (N7TZW).

The testing team consisted of Basil Gunn (N7NIX), Brian Silverstein (K7BLS), Ed Kelm (KD7TUN), Mike Sear (N7TLL), Hoop Hooper (K9QJS), and Dave Vandaveer (K9MRQ). Basil and Brian came over from Lopez to take notes and get ready for their test session that they will conduct on Nov. 3.

The September meeting was a picnic at Odlin Park on Lopez, with 9 people attending, 6 from Lopez, 3 from San Juan Is.

Minutes 2018-09

Meeting highlights include:

– Presentations on Space Weather and SDR Frequency Measurement

– A new San Juan County EC has been appointed


Saturday, August 25th was the W/VE Islands QSO Party, and club members Dan N6AU, Peg KI7PJS, and Scott W7SLM joined Bob K7NHE and Bob’s lifetime friend Jack, at Bob’s Stuart Island QTH to operate as K7NHE. A big thank you here, to Kent KF7VDD, who chauffeured our boat-ride out in the morning. Sadly, Kent could not stay, though he did have a good excuse. Thank you, Kent!

We worked three rigs, all on ‘off-grid’ power. Dan operated CW on 20M using Mike N7TLL’s GAP 20M Vertical set out at the top of the shingle beach in front of the house, with coax and a copper strip running in through a window to the comfort of the kitchen table. Upstairs, Bob, Peg and Scott took turns between two stations operating Phone on 20M, 75M, and 40M. 75 and 40 were dead for most of the day, but 20 was wide open and very active across the US. Preliminary tally is 70 contacts overall (36 being CW), 3 bands, a handful of DX stations, and a TON of Fun. A particular treat was working Hoop K9QJS on San Juan and Wayne WA6MPG on Orcas–I think we must get extra points for those!

The weather didn’t allow us to see Mt. Baker, which Bob assured me is visible from his shower, but the location was exquisite. And I’ll add, the hospitality was fantastic, and the company, even better! Thank you, Bob and Jack, for getting us there and back safely, keeping us warm, well-fed, and the radios humming! Thanks, also, to Peg for the fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes and the sweetest ground cherries I’ve ever had, and, Dan, for the Lindt treats. I felt completely spoiled…and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I did not take a picture of the antenna arrays, but including the roof mounted verticals, the numerous dipoles crisscrossed above, and the tower with a Force 10 5-band beam, it was without question the largest antenna farm I’ve personally operated from. The selection of antennas, paired with an outstanding complement of radios–upstairs we operated an IC-775DSP and an IC-756ProIII, downstairs Dan operated an IC-7300–and on a no-grid-power island, we could work everything we could hear. I even got to flounder out of my first pile-up!

The whole day was a delight! If Bob is willing, I vote another club effort for the W/VE Islands on the Air QSO Party next year. Weather permitting, a few more bodies, and another boat or two, operations on multiple islands Could. Be. Legendary.

Scott W7SLM

A message from Michael Dinkleman N7WA

Hello fellow Washington State Club

In just several weeks the Salmon Run, sponsored by the Western Washington DX Club, will be upon us for 2018. Please pass the following along to your Club members:

The Salmon Run is a contest where hams outside of Washington State are looking to make contact with Washington State Hams. This is one of the more popular QSO Party style contests run each year in the USA. (Possibly because smoked Salmon is a highly desired prize by winners.)

As Washington Hams, your members are not only worth points to non-Washington Hams but each county is a score multiplier. Entrants will be going for a “clean sweep” by working all 39 Washington counties. Note that this is an excellent time to work mobile or portable from a rare county.

This years Salmon Run will occur over the weekend of September 15-16.
It’s possible to enter as an individual, multi-op, or Club.

Please have your members check out the rules at:
and we hope to hear you on the air.

Mike, N7WA and the WWDXC

Wow! Ned KL7QK dropped off a load of treasure when he brought the box of “wire antenna stuff” he is offering free for club members. I spent a delightful afternoon exploring and inventorying the haul.
Below is a review of the items Ken unloaded that will be available first-come/first-claim/first-serve:

80M dipole with Balun Designs 1:1 Isolation Balun (Claimed! W7SLM)

Off Center Fed Dipole (Possibly a Windom?) (Claimed! WA6MPG)
Speculating a 4:1 Balun built into the PVC. Long leg: 81’9” Short leg: 34’ 10”

17M Portable Dipole with BNC on RG58 feedline (Claimed! WA6MPG)

15M Portable Tripole? Antenna with BNC on RG58 feedline. (Claimed! AE7EL)
The tag indicates 15 meters. Yes, it has three radiating wires. Your guess will be better than mine.
Inspecting with Wayne W6MPG, speculating is a 15M vertical, with ground plane wires.

End Fed Portable Antenna 32’9” for 20M or 40M? (Claimed! W7SLM)

Possibly with 9:1 balun?

40M Dipole 32’ 9” each side (Claimed! NM7A)

W5GI Mystery Antenna, configured as Inverted-V (Claimed! W7SLM)
Oh boy! A real, live collinear wire antenna! Can’t wait to try this one out. Happy to bring along to outings and/or lend, anytime! Appears to be built from a ‘TheWireMan’ kit.

Dual Dipole – not measured, guessing 80M and 40M by amount of wire. (Claimed! AE7EL)
That’s a lot of wire! No spreaders or spacers. Balun inside?

ICOM Dynamic Microphone, 500Ω, 3 plug round DIN
Highest quality vintage mic! Rubber on cord good, button nice.

Coax 24’ RG58/U with connectors (Claimed! AE7EL)

Coax 29’8” RG58/U with TNC? Connectors (looks like small N-type) (Claimed! AE7EL)

Coax undetermined length, (over 20’) looks/feels like 213. (Claimed! AE7EL)

Wilson Electronics Cellular Booster, with selection of Antennas (Claimed! KI7RNF)

SolarCon A-99 Base Station CB Antenna, New in Box (old box) (Claimed! W7SLM)

Rated for 2000 watts. 18’

Assortment of Miscellaneous Connectors and Adapters (Mostly Claimed! AE7EL)
only a few left!

Unmeasured lengths of cut wire (Claimed! W7SLM)
-no image-

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